Opening doors for L-T Industries Ltd.


Develop a brand, marketing assets and online presence for a newly established startup

The brief

When L-T Industries Ltd, a promising startup in the industrial door industry, set out on their entrepreneurial journey, they recognised the importance of a strong brand identity and online presence.

With several years of collective experience in the industry, the founders embarked on their own venture, aiming to deliver top-notch services and establish themselves as a reputable player in the market.

To kickstart their business with a bang, L-T Industries Ltd approached MK Designs with a multifaceted design challenge.

They sought a comprehensive branding package, including a distinctive logo that would convey their innovative approach and industry expertise. Additionally, they required various collateral materials, such as business cards, social media covers, and stickers, to establish a professional and cohesive brand presence.

And, of course, a visually engaging and informative website was crucial to showcase their services and attract potential customers.

The outcome

MK Designs rose to the occasion and collaborated closely with L-T Industries Ltd to craft a brand identity that truly represented their unique offerings and industry focus. Through meticulous design and attention to detail, MK Designs delivered an impressive suite of creative assets and a captivating website that helped L-T Industries Ltd hit the ground running.

Innovative Logo Design

MK Designs embarked on a journey of exploration to understand the essence of L-T Industries Ltd. After comprehensive research and brainstorming, a completely bespoke logo was conceptualiSed, combining innovation and clarity to succinctly communicate the industry they operated in.

The logo encapsulated the brand’s values, vision, and commitment to excellence, establishing a strong foundation for the company’s visual identity.

Collateral Materials for a Strong Brand Presence

MK Designs worked with L-T Industries Ltd on various ad-hoc design requirements that played a vital role in establishing their professional brand image. Business cards were meticulously crafted, carrying the logo and key contact information to make a lasting impression on potential clients. Social media covers were designed to create a cohesive online presence across different platforms, effectively extending the brand’s reach in the digital landscape. Moreover, custom stickers were created to showcase completed works, providing a tangible representation of their quality services.

A Captivating Website on WordPress

MK Designs embarked on the task of designing and building a website that showcased L-T Industries Ltd’s services with utmost clarity and efficiency. The website was carefully structured to provide visitors with all the necessary information to make informed decisions when considering their services. A user-friendly navigation system was implemented to ensure a seamless browsing experience, encouraging potential customers to explore the range of services offered.

The website’s design and layout exuded the brand’s identity, maintaining consistency across branding and marketing efforts.

MK Designs leveraged the power of WordPress to create a fully responsive and visually appealing website, easily accessible on various devices and screen sizes.

The outcome

The collaboration between MK Designs and L-T Industries Ltd resulted in a resounding success for the startup business. By delivering a distinctive brand identity, an array of essential collateral materials, and an engaging website, MK Designs empowered L-T Industries Ltd to make a lasting impact in their industry. The innovative logo became a symbol of their expertise and dedication to excellence, while the cohesive branding materials reinforced the brand’s professionalism across different touchpoints.

The website served as a gateway for potential customers to discover the company’s offerings, creating opportunities for business growth and customer acquisition. MK Designs’ commitment to understanding the client’s vision and translating it into impactful designs played a pivotal role in ensuring that L-T Industries Ltd’s brand journey started on a strong foundation.

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